How to have a birthday party for a ton of kids!

We decided to have 2 birthday parties and 1 birthday day this year. At first, this sounds ridiculous, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Or so I tell myself!
We live in a "Leave It To Beaver" neighborhood where about 10-20 kids are running around playing every evening. The kids get along great. Most of the parents have similar expectations about their child's behavior. It's a fabulous place to live! But.....come birthday party time, it's a little difficult to include everyone.

So in August, our neighbors threw a "neighborhood friend party" and a "school friend party" for their daughter, and we copied the idea!

Our neighborhood party was on Saturday evening, and there were about 20 kids here for it. We invited almost everyone in the neighborhood who has kids and about half were able to join us. Our best friends from preschool were also able to come celebrate!

We set up food and drink tables under a tree since it was drizzling, and began playing fun games with the kids!

We played limbo, jump rope, freeze dance, hot potato, and make dad a mummy. We sang Happy Birthday.We ate birthday brownies. We let the kids go and play Ghost in the Graveyard and Sardines. The adults snacked, drank, and loosely supervised while the kids laughed, screamed, and played! It was a fabulous evening of fun!!

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