Baby to Toddler to Preschooler to Girl.

It was a big day for us seven years ago!

I remember our drive to the hospital in eager anticipation of our little baby's arrival like it was yesterday. We didn't know if she was going to be a he or she, but, secretly, we were both hoping for a little girl! Five hours after we arrived at the hospital, after arguing with a nurse, calling in our good friend to act as our doula, having a little scare about my water, and blissfully receiving drugs, our little girl was born!

I remember holding my breath until hearing her scream. Oh, how we love to hear a baby scream at the beginning....and our little girl has never stopped screaming! Thankfully, these days it's usually screaming in playful joy with friends!

We called family. We called friends. We hugged. We snuggled. We saw visitors. It was wonderful!!!! Ya know, minus the whole broken tail bone, little blood issue, and other stuff. 

This week we celebrated seven years since that memorable day. That day in which our lives changed forever. We celebrated at three parties this year, which might have been a little overwhelming for my husband and me, but she adored all the parties, presents, and attention!

She is a child who has a fabulous imagination, contagious laugh, strong opinion, curious mind, and playful spirit! She's a child who challenges us, stretches us, and encourages us to be better parents and better people. She's a child who loves strongly and deeply.

We are grateful God chose us to be her parents, and we look forward to another adventurous year together!

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