Kitchen and House Survey:
This is a one-on-one, one-time service in your home where I will give feedback about what foods and products you already have in your home. We will talk about ingredients in the foods found in your home to learn about what nutrition opportunities are being missed based on your goals. Also, we will look at what cleaners, soaps, and allergens are in your home. This consultation will take between 1 and 2 hours. The cost is $75 per session.*

Food Overhaul:
This is a service where we work together to come up with a plan to change the foods and products in your home to meet your goals. Before the consultation, we will choose a topic to address, such as snacks, menu-planning, pantry foods, dinners, etc., and we will have an intensive work session that will leave you with an executable plan to feed you and your family based on your goals. Multiple sessions will be beneficial to address multiple topics of interest. Each session will last 1 to 2 hours. The cost is $75 per session.*

Food Allergy/Intolerance Aid:
Dealing with food allergies (recently diagnosed or not) can be an overwhelming task! This service is designed to help you where you are in your food allergy journey to develop a plan-of-attack to keep you or your family member safe and nourished. This service will be defined by us together based on what allergy help you need, such as: cooking lessons, navigating the grocery store, understanding food labels and risks, eating out, educating family members, or support. Multiple sessions will be beneficial. Each session will last 1 to 2 hours. The cost is $75 per session.*

Grocery Shopping Adventure:
Finding healthy foods at the grocery store can be overwhelming. I will come with you to your favorite grocery store to talk about how to pick produce, how to compare foods for nutrition, how to maximize your grocery dollar, and give you general tips to make healthy grocery shopping more efficient. This is a 1 hour session. The cost is $45 per session.*

Group or Party Cooking Lessons:
At your home or event space, I will teach everyone food preparation skills, educate about ingredients, and teach how to cook a meal or recipe of your choice. You pick the theme, such as Chocolate Lovers Unite, Satisfying Soups, Easy Family Dinners, Restaurant Meals at Home, etc., and invite the guests. I will do the grocery shopping, planning, and instruction. Each session lasts no more than 3 hours. The cost is $200* per session, plus the cost of groceries. 

Homeschool Classes: 
These can be designed in multiple ways: cooking classes, lecture series, combination of the two, field trips to grocery stores, menu planning for kids, etc. Present me a rough concept of what you want out of our time together, and I will propose to you a class idea from that concept! Costs will vary.


Room-by-Room Organizing: 
In your home or office, we will work together to simplify your space. This may mean de-cluttering, purging, or organizing to bring calm to your room. I will first interview you and be in the space with you to be able to understand your goals for the room. Then, I will propose ideas to help you achieve your goals. Finally, I will provide a step-by-step plan to implement those ideas. Together, we will create a simple, beautiful room that meets your organizational goals. Cost: $45 per hour (Time to create proposal charged, too)

Moving-Into-a-New-Home Organizing:
Settling into a new home is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming! We will walk through your new home together as I listen to your ideas and plans about each space. I will take your visions, make suggestions about how to realize your visions, and create a plan to help you achieve your visions during the unpacking process. By working together we will create a simple and beautiful space that meets your family's needs in your new home. Cost: $45 per hour (Time to create plan charged, too)

*If the drive-time to meet is more than 25 minutes for me, a $10 charge will be added. Other travel restrictions might apply; contact me for details.

Please e-mail me at renee (at) feedingourlives (dot) com for more information.

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