Chemical and Medical Allergies

Unfortunately, we don't only deal with food allergies in our house. My daughter and I both suffer from chemical and medical allergies.

My daughter is allergic to all forms of liquid medicines. We don't know why exactly, but if she is given a liquid medicine, then she will vomit about 6 hours after the dose is given. Obviously, the good news is that the medicine is in her system long enough to work. However, it's definitely doing her body more harm than good since it's violently reacting to the drug with vomiting. 

Once we figured out the medical allergy, we started asking our doctor to prescribe drugs in pill form. He works with us to figure out the dosage for a child from the pills he prescribes. Thankfully, he trusts me to accurately cut the pill with my pill cutter so as not to overdose her.

In addition to medical allergies, my daughter and I both struggle with environmental allergens. For example, she is allergic to the OFF brand of bug spray. She can tolerate other major brands of bug spray, but when we spray her with OFF, she develops a gagging cough. 

I am allergic to many, many chemicals found in homes and buildings. I react to new mattresses, dishwasher detergents, household cleaners, new cars, etc. In response to my reactions I try very hard to minimize my exposure by constructing my own bed and pillows, researching soaps and cleaners, and buying as many used goods as I can since they have already off-gassed.  Additionally, I have stocked my house with plants to help clean the air from the off-gassing chemicals.

It has only been in the past few years that I've begun to learn about all the dangers our current world exposes us to on a day-to-day basis. Growing up, I was taught to treat the environment kindly for the sake of the environment. Now, I understand that we must treat the environment friendly to take care of our own bodies. Chemicals hurt us. They disrupt our endocrine systems, increase the likelihood of cancer, encourage obesity, and all sorts of other issues.

If you'd like join me in figuring out to live healthfully in our chemical laden world!

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