About Me

Hi! I'm Renee.

My full-time job is to be a wife and mother to my husband and daughter. On the side, I homeschool my daughter, volunteer at our church and at a community thrift store, run our household, and educate friends and strangers about food and chemical allergies.

Our life in the past few years has been directed by my daughter's medical needs. She was diagnosed with a long list of allergies in 2009, and I began a long, uphill climb learning about foods and chemicals in our environment that were making her (and, come to find out, me) sick. Thankfully, we stabilized both of us just at about the time she was ready to start school.

As it turned out, school was not a good fit for her or for our family. After a few weeks of agonizing what to do about this poor fit, we took the leap and began homeschooling! It's been an exciting journey, to say the least!

This website and blog is intended to share some of the things I've learned over the past few years about food, education, and homemaking. I've learned about many aspects of healthy and unhealthy things touching my life. I invite you to join my journey and maybe start one of your own! Welcome!