Monday's Menu

Well, as soon as I thought I was going to get back into this site on a regular basis, I volunteered to help out my daughter's school's silent auction! So, I still have spotty posts. Sorry!

(I had to share this pic! She's having such a blast on her Mini-Kick! Sorry the picture's a little blurry.)

Monday - leftovers (sloppy joes, fish taco salad, or tuna casserole)

Tuesday - leftovers (sloppy joes, fish taco salad, or tuna casserole)

Wednesday - tortilla soup (didn't try it last week; on the menu again!)

Thursday - Homemade Pizza (I'm going to try Jane's Honey'd Goat Cheese recipe)

Friday - Loaded Nachos

Saturday - dinner out! We'll be at the Rally to Restore Sanity!!!! Granny's on her own feeding RG!

Sunday - Hot Dogs

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