A New Plan.

This last month has been a learning experience: I have less time, not more, now that my daughter is in preschool. While the experienced moms already know this tidbit of news (your time doesn't increase as they age), it's news to me. I'd been struggling against it for the past month, but I am now accepting the fact that I have less time and not more!

In light of this revelation and after writing on the blog for a few months now, I'd like to try a new weekly plan:

Mondays Menu - I've found that menu planning reduces my stress during the week. It does so by answering the dreaded "What's for diner tonight?" question and by saving money since I know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store. Sometimes it's really hard to come up with a menu each week that meets my daughter's allergy needs. My hope is that we can share our menus here to inspire each other with new menu ideas.

Tuesday's Take Time to Care - In my daily life, I focus a ton on nourishing my family's bodies through food. In the past few years, I haven't done as great of a job nourishing my spirit. My hope is that on Tuesdays I can remind myself how to take the time to exercise, do art, connect with a friend, do a good deed for another, or see the world through someone else's eyes.

Wednesday's What Are You Eating - My daughter's extensive list of unusual and changing food allergies has ruled my food life for almost two years. During these years, I've learned a lot about our Nation's food supply. My hope is to share a little bit of what I've learned so that awareness might increase about our food.

Thursday's Thriftiness - Even before the recession, I was thrifty! My family budgets monthly, assesses finances bi-weekly, and only spend money we have. Additionally, we almost exclusively eat orgnic foods. It's a nutritional, environmental, and practical choice for us, but it's expensive. My hope for Thursdays is to be an outlet for me to share how I keep our organic grocery bill low and/or make financial trade-offs to eat the way I want to eat.

Friday's Food Waste - In our house, we work hard to drill into our daughter how to be a good steward of the earth. When I saw Frugal Girl's Food Waste Friday, I realized what a great way to hold myself accountable for being a good steward by not throwing away food. My hope is to not have any food thrown away each week! Join me to see if I can plan accordingly to meet that goal!


Kim said...

Nice changes! I'm especially excited about "Thursday Thriftiness". Maybe "Frugal Fanny" will come out and comment sometimes! ;)

DandW said...

Good plan. I'm really working on the Friday's Food Waste. I hate waste and this topic makes me feel even more accountable in this area.