Sunday's So I like: Mini-Kick Scooter for kids (review)

My friend ordered this scooter a few months back for her son, and my daughter's been salivating over it since it first arrived in our neighborhood. Many fights have broken out about this scooter, all revolving around sharing.

Thankfully, when my husband and I suggested our daughter to work for the scooter, she jumped at the idea! We made a chore chart together, talked about it to drill in the concept, and started working towards that scooter!

She had done enough to earn the scooter by Monday and it arrived Thursday. It's a pretty neat scooter. By far, the best one I've seen. The price is high, but I think the quality is there to support the price. It's so cool that we doubt her bike will be ridden much for a while.

My four-year-old is able to steer it, use the brakes, go down the hills, etc very well. It's the right size for her so that she can easily control it and still have a great time with it. The wheels are very nice: sturdy and smooth for a good ride. It will come apart for traveling if you need a cool toy to take with you. It's light weight so the child can carry it easily when stairs are in the way.

If you need a "wow" gift, I recommend this scooter!

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