Great Lunch Ideas for On-the-Go Eaters!

Recently, I posted about how excited I was to find the Ziploc lunch containers!

You can't imagine my excitement to find that a blogger I enjoy reading had an entire photo log of real-food lunches for her kids in the same containers!!!!!! If you're trying to gear-up for another school year of making lunches, you might get some great inspiration over at 100 Days of Real Food. 

Of course, Pinterest is also a source of school lunch many it's a bit overwhelming.

Easy Lunch Boxes (a higher-end version of the Ziploc containers; I haven't tried them yet) has a photo log of lunch ideas, too, that's very helpful.

If you're a person who likes printables for cooking, you should hop over to to Don't Waste the Crumbs for a simple printable formula for how to make your own Lunchable for less than a dollar each day. 

And, here's my tip for lunches: Nutrition and healthy eating doesn't need to be complicated - keep it simple!


Sophie said...

Love this post because I have been wanting to look for ideas but haven't had time. Thanks for collecting it all in one place for me!

sophie said...

Finally getting back to this post and I still love it -- and the suggestions from the links made me feel better about having given-up getting my little ones to eat a "main course" item (like a pasta dish or rice salad etc.) and instead providing lots of snack size veggie/fruit/dairy options in their bags. THANK you again for this post!!!