Tuesday's Take Time to Care: Compliment 3 People Today

Tuesday's Take Time to Care - I hope to use Tuesdays as a day to remind myself how to look outside myself and care about others through volunteering, helping a friend, smiling at a stranger, or encouraging a family member.

How does a random compliment make you feel? Pretty good, right? You get a little grin on your face and think, "Wow! How nice someone noticed me!" Bring that feeling to others today!

Well, today, my friends, I ask you to compliment three people. And, hopefully, at least one of those people will be a stranger!

Complimenting someone else helps us reframe the way we look at the world by looking for something positive about a person instead of something negative! And, it will make that person feel great!

(And...remember....if you receive a compliment, just say "Thank You!")

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Alice said...

Thankk you for being you