Pirate Unit Study

We kicked off the school year with a unit study about Pirates! I realized that I never shared the unit study lesson plan so here it is:

1. Hide treasure boxes in the house filled with "treasures" and graph what was found
2. Hide coins in the sandbox and find them; they can keep whatever they can add up
3. Use clip-art pirate faces to sort, pattern, and count by 2s and 5s
4. Redistribute 20 pencils by pretending to steal the pencils from each other

1. Brainstorm -AR words and paste onto a treasure box picture on the wall; make silly sentences with the words
2. Sequence the pirate stories we're reading (1st this happened, 2nd this happened, etc)
3. Answer the questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How about the pirate stories we read
4. Dictate into journal

1. word ladders of -AR words (write the ladders on windows for fun!)
2. alphabetize a list of pirate related words
3. Label the parts of a pirate ship
4. each kid draw a pirate ship; compare and contrast the two ships

1. make a sea scene with tissue paper and card stock
2. make a jolly roger flag
3. memorize a pirate jingle
4. make a pirate banner

1. work with a map and a compass to go on a treasure hunt
2. experiment with floating and sinking
3. study human body and play SomeBody game
4. talk about parrots

1. Learn about differences in transportation between the days of pirates and now
2. Learn about why pirates were stealing and cover trade routes
3. Learn about the seas of the world

1. Pirates Who Don't Know Anything
2. Reading Rainbow: Sunken Treasure
3. Magic School Bus: Takes a Dive
4. Curious George Sets Sail with Pirates

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