Book Discussion: Heaven is For Real

I can't remember where I first heard about this book. All I can remember is that, when I heard about it, it sounded intriguing enough for me to look up an interview with the family from the Today Show.

So when I saw it on the shelf at the library, I grabbed it and went on my way.

I read it in one day!! My speed reading was partly because it was an easy read and partly because it was great story telling. And, honestly, my family had been suffering from colds so we had plenty of down-time to read.

To sum up the story, a little boy almost died, and during that almost death, he experienced going to Heaven. The book chronicles the scary medical journey the family traveled on and then describes the times when the boy was able to provide information to his parents that should have been unknown to the little boy.

Overall, I think it's a great read! A read worthy of picking up at the library or buying off of Amazon (use the link above if you do!). From the book, you'll pick up little reminders about how you impact others (visitations from church members during scary times is really helpful to the families) and big reminders about death.

Specifically, if you believe in God and Jesus, then you know you are forgiven of your sins and should go to Heaven. However, we are often scared of dying or scared of others dying. After reading this book, a big question struck me: "Why are we so scared of other people dying?"

(Both my grandparents who have passed away)

The story in the book reminded me that we shouldn't be scared of other people dying. Yes. It is horribly sad to loose that person here on earth, but they are in Heaven. They are with loved ones, and Jesus, and God, and witnessing things unseen by all of us.

(My Papa who has passed away)

So perhaps our fear of people dying is really our fear of them not being with us on earth. If you follow this argument, then it might make sense to you that our fear of people dying isn't about them, but about us.

(Robert's Grandma who has passed away)

How will this thought change how I deal with death? I don't know.

I'll still be really sad. I'll still feel I missed out on fun times with that person. I'll still worry that they didn't know how much I loved them and valued them.

But maybe I'll be able to see it less about my feelings and more about that person in Heaven. Maybe.....

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