Pirate Unit Study Books

As you know, when we start a unit study, I like to fill our bookshelf with lots of themed books. For the pirate study, then, I filled the bookshelf with pirate books!

(First Day of Pirate School!)

- How I Became a Pirate
- Pirates Don't Change Diapers
- The Gingerbread Pirates
- Pirate Pete
- Pirate Pete's Giant Adventure
- The Night Pirates
- The Pirate Cruncher
- Pirates Go To School
- The Horrendous Hullabaloo
- Edward and the Pirates
- Pie Rats Ahoy
- Pirates Ho!
- Dirty Joe the Pirate
- Tough Boris
- Little Badge, Terror of the 7 Seas
- Geronimo Stilton: Shipwreck....
- Geronimo Stilton: Ghost Pirate.....
- Geronimo Stilton: Lost Treasure...
- Pajama Pirates
- Blackbeard's Last Fight
- I Love My Pirate Papa
- A Pirates LIfe for Me
- Pirate Princess
- Pirates Next Door
- Pirate Mom
- Papa is a Pirate
- Jack Plank Tells Tales
- Pirate School
- Eloise's Pirate Adventure
- Tink's Treasure Hunt

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