Homemade Brown Kitty Cat Costume

This was the year that Robert and I had decided to just break down and buy a Halloween costume. It's been a rough start to the school year, and we've been a little overwhelmed so finding the energy to think up how to construct a costume seemed too much.

And then, our little angel decided to be a "brown kitty, just like her stuffed animal." Do you know that stores sell black kitty costumes but not brown kitty costumes?

So, I began to brainstorm how to make a kitty costume. At first, it looked like a cow costumer; I cried and laughed, and then I came up with this:

What do you need:
1. Brown shirt
2. Brown leggings
3. White felt
4. Brown scrap fabric (I used an old skirt)
5. A metal hangar
6. A headband
7. Scrap cardboard
8. Pink felt
9. Craft stuffing
10. Wide band of elastic

- for the body, baste stitch some white felt spots on the shirt and leggings
- for the tail, sew a tube with the brown scrap fabric, stuff with craft stuffing, and poke through the straightened metal hangar; then, hot glue on some brown spots
- for the ears, hot glue the brown scrap fabric to the headband; cut out cardboard into the shape of ears with a flap to hot glue to the headband; cover the cardboard with brown fabric; hot glue the white and pink felt.

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