Part two of the snake story...

So remember the snake story? The one where my heart nearly jumped out of my chest, and I screamed louder than I've ever screamed?

Well, later in the afternoon, my daughter and I were taking a rest time. Feel free to interpret this as: her hollering that she didn't want to rest or have quiet time, and me pretending to sleep on my bed in hopes that she'd actually be quiet :) 

After a few minutes of me pretending to be asleep, she decided to give up on her argument that she wasn't going to rest. I heard little feet tiptoe into my bedroom. I felt my bed jiggle. I thought she was going to come snuggle with me during rest time, but I never felt again. I peeked open one eye to see her large stuffed animal snake with its red tongue staring at me!!!! 

I giggled, rolled over and moved the snake. Then, I fell asleep for a quick ten minute power nap. When I woke up, the snake was once again staring me in the face! When I went to find my daughter in her bedroom, she was giggling asking me if I'd seen the snake! She explained that she had come in and moved it to make sure it was staring at me when I woke up!

Such the comedian! 

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