High Altitude Baking Tips

My parents live at 7000 feet in Colorado. This makes it very hard to bake at their house. Since I cannot buy food allergy friendly breads in the stores, I have to bake the breads for my daughter. And I have to do it at 7000 feet.

After many failed attempts at baking when visiting them, I finally discovered an awesome cheat sheet for baking at high altitude! It's published by King Arthur and free on their website: King Arthur's High Altitude Baking. 

(Pikes Peak is the mountain in the back)

The yeast bread tips and the cookie tips are spot-on perfect! For the yeast breads, I use the triple-rise technique to improve the flavor of the breads.

I admit that I have not tried to make a cake at high altitude since my first attempt was a complete flop...get it? The cake flopped down on itself??! Funny? No. Okay; moving on. Maybe I'll try to make a cake on our next trip, and I can let you know if the baking tips work for cakes, too.

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