Did you hear me scream???!

The day before our camping trip I ran from the side of our house to the front of our house. I was about to plant my foot on the first step leading to the front door when something caught my eye. In a flash, I realized that I was looking at a SNAKE. I screamed louder than I think I've ever screamed. Did you hear me at your house?

I scared the snake. He began slithering away, and he was fast. I mean super-fast. My daughter, her friend, and her friend's aunt were all outside with me. They arrived to the scene of the snake just in time to see it slither away, and they were in awe. Had it not scared the crap out of me, I would have thought it was really cool to see.

After a search online, we decided it was a common ribbon snake. Thankfully, I didn't see any snakes on our camping trip!

To save you from seeing a picture of a snake here, I'm posting a picture of something cute and cuddly!

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