How I'm Getting Ready for 1st Grade (Homeschool)

Many families are getting ready for the school year to start, and we're no different. We're buying school supplies, scheduling extra-curricular activities, and readying our study area. I've been checking the Target ads for what school supplies are on sale, and we're stashing away glue sticks like they are going out-of-style!

 (An art class at the National Gallery; why look at art in books when you can see it in person?)

What's different for our back-to-school preparation from many traditional school families' is the lesson planning that we have to do. My daughter prefers unit studies over other styles of education, and we usually ask her to choose what the topic of the unit study should be. She would like to kick-off this school year with a unit study of pirates. Yep. Pirates! I love my kid :)

Our good friends who are beginning their first year of homeschooling decided it would be fun to join us on our pirate adventure, so for three weeks we'll be trading 'teaching' duties three days a week. Planning those three weeks required lesson planning and schedule planning for the two kids. They each have a host of extracurriculars so we had to find times that worked for both families to trade teaching times.

(On a creek exploration we found a large snake. I asked the kids to look scared for the picture and this is what they came up with! Sorry for the blurry face...I haven't gotten permission to post this picture.)

Of course, we're looking forward to the team approach of homeschooling, at least for the first unit study. We'll see how it goes and decide if we should continue to teach together during the year or not. They are best friends, though, so I'm anticipating them to have a blast learning together!

So, basically, our start to the school year is the same as anyone else's; except, we'll start two weeks later than the school district since we'll be going to see Mary Poppins in New York City. Life is very hard as a homeschooler!

(I'll get the pirate unit study posted soon)

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