How I'm Keeping Homeschool Simple

For those people that know me, you know I'm an obsessive researcher. For me, researching is almost as fun as actually getting something new. I'm kind of like the people who like to plan their trips more than they like to take the trips!

Embracing my research obsession, I decided not to allow myself to research homeschool curriculum. If you've never ventured a peak at homeschool curriculum, let me tell you that there are so many choices it is mind-boggling!

First, you need to decide what category of education you like:
1. Classical
2. Traditional
3. Eclectic
4. Un-schooling (this one is easy as there is no curriculum!!)
5. Literature based
6. Waldorf
7. Charlotte Mason
8. Etc.
9. Etc.
10. Etc.

Then, you need to decide if you want to use a religious based education within those categories. Then, you have to try to figure out what level your child is at for that particular set of curriculum. And Finally, you get to pay a lot of money for something you hope you and your child like because there is no returning it!

So, to keep homeschooling simple, I don't research curriculum. I don't buy curriculum. I just make my own! How you ask? Well, that's simple: on a wing and a prayer :)

Okay. Actually, I use a three-step process:
First, I borrow the book Homeschooling Year-by-Year by Rebecca Rupp at the beginning and end of the school year from the library.

Second, I decide what I agree with and what I don't agree with to teach my daughter. For example, I don't agree that I should teach her about the American Revolution in 1st grade. We'll save that topic until she's a little older. 

Third, I ask her what topics she wants to study, and I use that topic to teach all the material she needs to learn for the year. 

For some people, this would make homeschooling difficult. For us, it keeps it simple because:
1. I don't have to fight with a kid who doesn't want to study what came in the curriculum.
2. I don't have to shell out big bucks for something we may not like.
3. I don't have to research what the heck to buy!

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