Strawberry, Grape, and Orange Smoothie Recipe

Did you happen to read my post about making a smoothie in my food processor for the first time??!!! It was a mess! Thankfully, I learned from my mistake and pressed on to discover this fabulous smoothie combination!

Suggestion: when you have fruit that is going bad, throw it in the freezer so that you can use it in smoothies later on!

- 1 handful of frozen organic grapes
- a serving size of frozen strawberries
- the juice of one orange
- water

**Food Processor: 
1. pulse your grapes and strawberries
2. add the juice of your orange
3. add water until the smoothie is the consistency you like
(NOTE: if you want it to be like a sorbet, add less liquid; my daughter likes it with chocolate chips sprinkled on top)

1. pour in the juice of your orange
2. turn on the blender
3. drop in your fruits a few at a time
4. add water as needed


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