The order to make a food processor smoothie.

I was on the receiving end of an old food processor a few months ago. I was soooo excited! It makes shredding cheese a breeze and makes divine salsa!

This week, my blender jar broke (again). And, we're in the middle of a grape food challenge. And, my daughter has insisted she wants to food challenge grapes, but she HATES grape skin. So....being the food allergy mother I am, I began making grape, strawberry, orange smoothies....and then straining them to remove the skin.

I know. I know. It's over the top. But we're on a mission to broaden her food options.

So, with my blender jar broken, and the repair shop being 40 minutes away, and my girlfriend who lives nearby the blender repair shop with a dog my daughter loves to see being out-of-town, I had to get creative. I decided to use my food processor to make a smoothie.

Simple idea, right? Well, there is something you should know: you need make a smoothie in a food processor in the OPPOSITE order that you make a smoothie in a blender. Yup. The opposite order.

If not, the food processor contents will EXPLODE! EVERYWHERE! On your walls. On your refrigerator. On your floor. On you. And your daughter will ask, "What'd you say mom? What happened?" And you will say, "Oh, nothing! The smoothie is everywhere." And then your daughter will try to ask you very important questions about ancient Greece. And then you, unfortunately, will snap back that you are very busy trying to clean up the mess that you just made so she needs to wait another minute. Sigh.

I know that you are waiting with bated breath for me to tell you the right order to make a smoothie so that you won't have to live through the above incident in your own house!!!!!

Blender: put in your liquid first, turn on the blender, drop in your frozen fruits (this saves your blade from getting damaged and is easier on the motor than starting with ice or frozen fruit)

Food Processor: chop your frozen fruit first, add your liquid (this prevents your food processor from sending smoothie all over your kitchen; did I mention the walls?)

I hope this little story helped start your day off with a little giggle! :) I'll try to take a picture of the smoothie tomorrow and post the recipe I use.

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