Ode to crappy new recipes.

I have tried two new recipes today. Both have been massive flops: bagels (I should have stuck to the old recipe) and chocolate peanut butter (don't mention this flop to my husband because he might fall over if he stops to calculate how much money was thrown in the trash can from this one). I have tried one old recipe today, and I was reminded how much I dislike crepes. It was a day full of cooking disappointment and food waste.


So here is my ode to crappy recipes. This explains why I won't be trying many new recipes for a while.

Oh, Crappy Recipe, how I hate you so.
You look so good at first sight, 
But once I try you, I am full of woe.

Your directions seem so easy.
Your pictures look divine.
But when I eat you, I am queasy.

Not only do you make my stomach sick,
you also wallet thin.
It'd be cheaper, if I just cooked a tick.

They'd taste as good as you do.
They'd be a lot easier to roast.
And best of all, they'd let my money accrue. 

So, crappy recipe, I will not try new recipes soon.
I'll stick to my old recipes,
my tried and true, just like the moon.

Of course, this was a very bad poem! So sorry you had to endure it.

1 comment:

DandW said...

Hysterical -- and, so often, true!!
But .... you gotta keep trying because eventually you find a keeper (ask Dad).