Unexpected Ingredients in Your Foods

A friend forwarded me this article from Men's Health (Rodale Press) about unexpected ingredients in the foods you're eating. Thankfully, the list doesn't apply to the foods that my family chooses to buy since we buy organic or make it ourselves.

1. Soda - My husband or I might have one a year.
2. Bought salad dressings - Never. Ever. Buy.
3. Canned mushrooms - None of us like mushrooms. My husband turned green the last time he tried to eat a portabello!
4. Cloned cow's stomach - I need to check my cheddar cheese and cheese stick labels about the "enzymes."
5. Grocery store meat - We're vegetarian these days so no need to worry about this one for us!
6. Processed foods - We buy Annie's cheddar bunnies and Tj's frosted mini-wheats. These are the only processed foods in the house.
7. Beaver anal gland juice (Natural Flavoring) - Thank goodness we can't buy any "natural flavorings"...this was GROSS.
8. Sex hormones in milk - We only buy organic milk, and we use a lot less milk than we used to.
9. Shampoo chemicals in produce - We buy organic produce which helps restrict exposure but not limit it.
10. Store brought breads - Again, thank goodness we don't have the option of buying store bread because of our daughter's allergies!
11. Red food dye - We don't do food dyes b/c of our daughter.
12. Ammonia cleansed beef - We, in part, became vegetarians after hearing about ammonia being put in beef.
13. Artificial food dyes - Nope. None.
14. Shrimp - We don't do fish anymore, either.
15. Bagged popcorn - I make it fresh with an air popper.

(Disclosure: I did buy some peanut M&Ms this weekend. They were 50% off, and they looked so good! I've loved them. They are filled with all sorts of yucky stuff. In fact, come to think of it, that yucky stuff might be the cause of the headache I haven't been able to shake all day! Hmmmm.....)

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Casey said...

Some of these are pretty gross due to the possible health risks of consuming non-natural chemicals, but others (red food coloring from insects, an allowable amount of maggots in mushrooms, hair and feather compounds in breads) are just gross to Westerners due to cultural issues. I honestly have no problem with the latter, it's the former that wigs me out.