I need a theme song.

While my brother* was here, we had a wonderful time! We played games, went to a nearby lake for the day, went hiking, laid by the pool, and cooked a lot. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to relax a bit.

Several nights while playing cards, we had music playing in the background. When I wasn't in dire competition to win the game (it's a very competitive card game), I was reminiscing about Texas. Mostly, the songs were making me remember the happy times of Texas. Those carefree, youthful times when adulthood hadn't truly set-in yet. The songs brought back those memories and made me want to go back in time.

Tonight, I realized that over the past few years, I don't have any songs that make me remember 'the times.' Off the top of my head, here are some songs that make me think of the past.

Bed of Roses - 8th grade
Mr. Wendel - 9th grade
The Old Apartment - driving with Kim to college
Green Day - band days
3am - driving to the lake with Robert, Casey, and Kim
India Aire - St Louis days
Lone Star Greatest hits - Saint Louis days
Suglarland (purple cover) - Oklahoma days

I don't have a song like for the past three years. And, I need one! I've let music not be as much of my life as my life needs it to be. So.....help me find a them song!

* Casey is a dear friend with whom I share grandparents. We met when we were 3 (this age is being verified by my mother). We played for hours together at his house near my grandparents' home. He had an awesome backyard so he was very cool! We had sleepovers at his house. As we got older, our grandparents took us and his siblings to the lake house where we'd spend a week without our parents. It was incredibly special to me! During high school, we lost touch and both became awkward. Man, I need to get some of those pictures digitalized!! We met back up again at A&M where we became fast friends since we only knew each other on campus. He and Robert lived across the hall from each other and that's how Robert and I met. Our friendship has sustained after graduation where we've both lived in many states. Casey has visited us in almost every house we've lived in over the past 10 years. The fact that we've known each other for so long, have grandparents in common, and chose to become best friends again in college has made him my brother. This is how we now introduce each other. So when you get confused about how I'm an only-child with a brother, you can reference this post for the explanation!

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DandW said...

Hmm, I need more music too!
"My Girl" :)