My story of endometriosis and natural pain relief.

Ever since I was about 18, I've battled with endometriosis. In short, it's a very painful disease that causes many problems, including infertility. For years, I treated the disease with hormone drugs to keep the growth of the disease minimal. I chose to use mono-cyclic birth control pills back-to-back each month to reduce the amount of bleeding into my pelvic cavity. I took this approach because it kept the pain minimal, and it was believed by the doctors to help protect my fertility. Unfortunately, for me, it came with a big side-effect: I couldn't eat or drink foods that were high in vitamin C.

Six years ago, my husband and I decided to see how well this approach had protected my fertility, and our daughter is now five! For me, the treatment worked beautifully! For many women, pregnancy stops any further problems with endometriosis. Essentially, it's a cure. For me, I had no problems with it for about three years after delivery of my daughter.

Then, slowly, I started noticing more pain. And more pain. Then, I awoke one morning to dire pain. The type of pain where you're taking whatever drug might help, curled on the bathroom floor calling for your husband to bring a heating pad after you've thrown up from the pain, and laying in bed for hours in quiet.

I went to see an OB/GYN for help, and I lived in fear of what the next month would look like. I started a regimen of multi-vitamins, got back to exercising, and after a few more moths of awful pain, went to see a Bowen therapist.

I went to the Bowen therapist for hip pain I as having. After a few treatments, I realized that I hadn't experienced ANY endometriosis pain. I still had hip pain, but the endometriosis symptoms were gone. GONE. I stopped the Bowen therapy while I waited to get into an orthopedist for my hip pain. I figured that I shouldn't be receiving any alternative treatments while seeking out x-rays and such. Low and behold, the endometriosis pain became noticeable and then horrible. Once again, I awoke to horrible pain that had me vomiting.

I called my Bowen therapist, scheduled two appointments for the next month, and I held my breath that the pain would stop. It got considerably better on my next cycle!!! So, I scheduled two more appointments, held my breath, and was surprised when I started because I hadn't had any pain!!

For me, Bowen therapy has kept me off hormone drugs to control the pain! I wouldn't recommend this treatment option to anyone worried about their fertility, but if you're looking strictly for pain management, you might want to seek out a Bowen therapist for help with your endometriosis!


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