Is Jordan a mammal?

I just sent this e-mail to our good friends, and I thought you all might get a chuckle, too.

We're reading The Magic School Bus series each night. We started a series about whales tonight. We just finished a series about bats. I asked her if she remembered what makes an animal a mammal, and we talked about it. Then she said that she was a mammal b/c she drank my milk, dad was a mammal, I was a mammal. Then she was quiet for a moment.

"But, Mom. What is Jordan?"

"Jordan's a mammal, too."

"But he doesn't have any hair on his head. How is he a mammal?"

It was so hard to keep a straight face. I told her that as people get older they sometimes can't grow hair on the top of their heads, but it still grows on their arms and legs. She may be checking for arm hair the next time she sees you!!!