Food Challenges: Oats and Peanuts

We've been doing food challenges in our house for 4 weeks now. It's been a long, stressful four weeks! Basically, while most food allergy kids do a food challenge in-office and hope to not have a reaction while the doctor's present, we do a 2 week food challenge at home while no doctor is present. This means that I become the chef, doctor, and, possibly, the medic.

Everywhere she goes, a Epi-pen, Jr. two-pack goes. Every night at bed, I pray she won't have a reaction because I wouldn't know if she's in bed.

Thankfully, we flew through these two food challenges with flying colors. My plan is to update you shortly about how I chose the foods to challenge. Right now, I'm just waiting for Robert to finish making me a milkshake before watching a movie so I'm not going to type that whole story!

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