My new washer and dryer come on Tues or Wed

We knew when we bought this house that the washer and/or dryer would die. They are both 15 or 16 years old and were not cared for. Literally, I almost threw up when I was cleaning out the washer tub and lid. Just the thought of it makes me queasy! Then, there was the dryer. I don't think in the 15 years of its life the previous owner(s) ever cleaned out the vent hose and pipe. Robert almost lost it when he and his dad were fishing out mountains of lint.

Despite cleaning out the vent hose and pipe, the dryer still wouldn't dry. We tried to fix it ourselves with a new thermostat, but it still didn't work. This morning we decided to go buy a new set since both appliances had out-lived their life expectancies.

We printed off the consumer reports ratings, and I headed to a nearby, privately owned appliance store. I discovered that they had a Maytag 4000 series set on the floor that they were trying to get rid of because the new model had been released. Both pieces were 50% off!!!!!! It was my lucky day!!!!

This beauty arrives Tuesday or Wednesday. I paid a little more for this set than a base top loader set would have cost me! And this one's energy efficient and has a lot of bells and whistles I was hoping for!!!

Next time you need a new appliance, I recommend seeking out a locally owned store since they're more likely to have floor models for sale. Don't forget to check if they're BBB rated!

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