Wednesday's Allergy talk: Friendship Cottage Cheese (review)

If you remember, I wrote a short piece about stabilizers (hidden in a recipe for homemade cream cheese) a little bit ago. I'm a firm believer in the need for "clean" food when feeding all people, but I'm a little OCD about it when feeding children with food allergies. Hence, I have none of it in our house. It's been hard to find cottage cheese that doesn't have it...until now!

My daughter and I were perusing Whole Foods this week looking for some new food options and discovered Friendship cottage cheese!!! She's able to eat it as it's truly all natural. Some labels say "all natural" when they really aren't so I've learned not to get my hopes up. However, I read and re-read the label before showing her that I'd found cottage cheese she could eat! It's allergy friendly (gluten free, kosher, and high in protein, too)!

For the friends and family who remember, my daughter used to devour cottage cheese. She'd shove handfuls of it into her mouth and ask for more. We'd have to ration the cottage cheese! Then, we ended up with all of these allergies and sensitives, and I couldn't buy cottage cheese because of all the fillers and stabilizers. Today for lunch I gave her a plate of cottage cheese, plums, and crunchy bread. She couldn't have been happier in life! She even fed herself!

Even though she loves cottage cheese, I usually don't care for it. The texture makes me gag. HOWEVER, this stuff rocks! I had the same lunch as her and loved it! The label says it's California style so maybe that's why I can handle the texture, or maybe I can eat the texture because it's actually natural cottage cheese.

Run to your store and buy the Friendship cottage cheese! So far, I've only tried the 4% fat. I intend to try more of their products, though. (By the way, it's what I used in the Spaghetti pie.)

Check out their website for some great FAQs about their product and information on where to buy it. Just so you know, this isn't a sponsored review; I found the product on my own and truly love it!

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