Meatless Monday - allergy friendly spaghetti pie (high in protein)

A new friend recommended Spaghetti Pie recently so I decided to give it a try! The original recipe calls for meat, but, of course, I didn't put any meat in mine! Since I found some cottage cheese my daughter is able to eat, I was able to stick to the rest of the recipe without altering it - a small miracle!

The recipe she sent me was from AllRecipe: Spaghetti Pie II.

1. really only use 6 ounces of pasta;
2. use a ten inch pie plate (I don't have a 10 so I used a 9 and it was a little thick; however, I used about 8 ounces pasta so maybe it would have been fine with 6 ounces.);
3. substitute the meat sauce topping for just a homemade or store bought tomato sauce.
4. use whole wheat spaghetti to up your fiber and keep it allergy friendly (no additives)
5. use a cottage cheese that's all natural (no stabilizers, etc) such as Friendship (I'll post about them in a day or two!!)
6. make it the day ahead and then reheat to serve. Ours tasted waaaay better the day after!

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