What's up with allergies: Food Dye Follow-up

Off the top of my head while sitting here watching You've Got Mail, here are the foods I can think of that I know have food dyes:

1. Almost all cereals marketed towards children and/or made by main stream manufacturers.

2. Almost all candies made by main stream manufacturers.

3. Many, many mainstream drinks including: sodas, juices, milks.

4. Many frozen treats like ice cream, sorbets, sherbets, and popsicles.

5. Condiments including relish and mustard.

6. Medicines including benadryl, tylenol, and motrin.

This list is just a brainstorm without me even looking at any labels. It's scary. A new study was published recently strongly suggesting the FDA restrict the use of food dyes. You can read the publication here. In summary, it says most of the food dyes used in our foods (and cosmetics) are harmful. The common reactions are tumors or hyperactivity. Once again, Europe is ahead of us in restrictions of food dyes....I'm not fully informed about this, but I'll start researching it and get back to you.

While I research that, please read the latest study and assess all your food dye consumption. They are completely unnecessary. Not only do they not add any nutritional value, but they add cancer, tumors, and hyperactivity.

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