Take Time to Care: Food for others

When did we stop taking food to others? Where we used to live, we were the very happy recipients of a month's worth of food after our daughter was born! Three times a week friends would drop off a full meal, including dessert! It was amazing!

A girlfriend here has an amazing ability to soothe others with food. When I was terribly sick a few months ago, I called and ask if she had any homemade soup in her fridge. She made me a fresh batch! It was heavenly....so heavenly no number of exclamation points can express how much the soup made me feel better.

The other day my daughter and I decided to make cookies to fill an afternoon. We decided to make some for my husband to take to the office the next day, too. That made me think: I've only once ever taken a new neighbor a plate of yummies.

(Recipe from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook)

Additionally, I don't think I've ever received a plate of yummies. Have you? I hope so! Food is a social necessity. It's a way people have come together for centuries. Next time I have a new neighbor, I will be taking a plate of cookies! Don't worry, I'll cook them and not just take the batter like in the picture above! I'm working on getting better at remembering to take pictures, but I forgot to take a picture of a cooked cookie!

When was the last time you broke down barriers through food?

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DandW said...

A good reminder to share our cooking/baking skills and bring comfort to others.