Thoughtful Spending: Saving money means spending money

The worst thing about saving money is you often have to spend it. I have a few family members who are always in the middle of a "great deal." You know these people, right? They're always making money on some deal. They buy a car, but they didn't loose any money because x, y, or z. They buy a vacation, but they are actually making money. I haven't figured this type of person out yet. How are they always making money and I'm always spending money???

The way I see it I have to spend money to save anything. Therefore, saving money costs me in the short term even though I'm saving the long term. Today I bought countless bags (probably 10) of chocolate chips because they were on sale at Whole Foods. They're normally $3.99 a bag. They were on sale for $3.50. I saved $.49 a bag. Not bad. But I dropped $35 on chocolate chips!!! That's outrageous! I did save $ spend $35. Now, if I were one of the people above, I'd see this as me making money.

Instead, I see it as dropping $35 to save $4.90. Don't worry. I spent that $4.90. On the bread that was on sale. Instead of $3.49, they were on sale for $2.79. I saved $1.40 on them but spent $6.98. So I saved $6.30 and still spent .68.

Do you think this way? It's rare that I'm able to freely spend money. I've been working on it lately. I'm slowly getting better at spending money without the above computations. I'll share some of my good deal finds, money saving tips, and household budget management stuff on this site!

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