Make it at home: Kitchen Cleaner

I've been frustrated recently at what to do with my kitchen counters! I didn't want to clean them because I didn't want any chemicals on them. This meant that dirty turned into dirtier, and dirtier, and dirtier. A good friend of mine told me her theory one time about a dirty house: once it becomes a little dirty, you just start feeling it's a lost cause so each person leaves a little bit more of a mess and a little more and a little more. Before you know it, you're embarrassed to call it home!

This explains my kitchen counters. I leave a few crumbs. My husband notices this and subconsciously thinks his crumbs aren't a big deal. Then....then....then....the counter is disgusting! Please tell me you've done this, too????

So I have a solution. A simple, simple solution! I have a squirter bottle with an equal ratio of vinegar and water next to my dish soap. When I see the counter's a little messy, I squirt some on and wipe it with my dish towel. I don't feel bad about chemicals on my counter or on my towel (which I throw down to the laundry)!

Hurray! Clean counters! No chemicals in my food or laundry!

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