Wednesday: What's up with allergies?

Once again, food allergies hit the news again. To be honest, I've only skimmed the articles, but the jist is simple: they still don't know much.

This leaves parents feeling helpless, frustrated, and stressed. Who knows why my daughter has allergies? Not me. Not any specialist I've seen. There are no pat reactions to allergies. Some people have skin reactions; some have breathing problems; some have diarrhea; some have vomiting; some have constipation. Pretty simple, right? Most of the body can be impacted! That's not so easy to track down.

I'm hoping to give insight into how we're dealing with our daughter's food allergies on this site. It won't be simple. It won't be easy. I know many people will have opinions. Welcome to my daily life!

Happy food allergy day! Let's see where this adventure takes us!

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