Have You Heard of 826 Chapters for Creative Writing for Kids?

Despite schooling all summer, I still feel the fall excitement about school "starting" soon! I enjoy taking inventory of school supplies, ordering books (mostly art books!!), reviewing the educational materials sitting on my shelves....it's fun!

With that fun, though, does come a wee-little-bit of dread. Will my daughter share the same excitement? Will she be willing to do the work/play I ask of her? She is a kid who likes constantly changing stimuli while completely being resistant to any change. I know: those sound contradictory! Wish me luck for the school year!
(The start of last school year!)

One way I keep us progressing through the year is reaching out to programs in our area to help me teach her. Once such program she and I have both enjoyed a lot is hosted by a non-profit organization named 826DC. This is a local branch of a national organization found in these major cities:

1. Boston
2. Chicago
3. DC
4. LA
5. Ann Arbor
6. New York City
7. Seattle
8. San Francisco

826DC offers writing workshops that are in a super-cool, super-inviting environment led by super-ecouraging people. My kid leaves the workshops feeling excited about writing in a way that I have not been able to duplicate at home. I hope to enroll her in more workshops this school year!

If you happen to live in one of the cities above, I recommend that you look up your local chapter and see what upcoming workshops they offer for your age kid. If it's anything like our experience, you'll enjoy the outside motivation to teach creative thinking and writing!

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DandW said...

Encourage others to do a supply wish list like you do. It's fun to be able to participate in her education by sending the art books, etc during your schooling! Little surprise boxes are fun for all of us!