Cover of Time Magazine: The Truth About Fat

I grew up in the height of the low-fat diet craze. Actually, it wasn't really a diet; it was touted as just a way of life. One of TIME magazine's cover stories last month is about how the push to lower fat in our diets from doctors and scientists did not work to improve American's health.

(Interview with Editor of TIME on CBS This Morning)

I would really, really like the video on TIME's website to copy onto this page, but it is refusing to cooperate!! Please click on this link to watch the short video (5 minutes) by TIME: The Truth About Fat. It's fast-paced and filled with more information than the video I was able to link to in this post.

The lesson of this news: if you're wanting to be free from thinking you have to eat low-fat, you now have permission :) But, that doesn't mean go hog-wild and eat pork rinds (I'm talking to you, Dad). It means be sensible....and if you need help in interpreting what I mean, please email me to set-up an appointment! renee at feedingourlives dot com

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