De-Clutter? Organize? Simplify? What to Do!??!

As you've noticed, I talk a lot about food nourishing our bodies and souls. Yummy Healthy Food is critical to our health!

But it's not the only force impacting our health. This week (maybe two weeks...), I'd like to talk about how our living environments influence how we feel.

Living in a home that is filled with STUFF ALL AROUND can cause us to become TIRED, OVERWHELMED, STRESSED, and DISCONTENT.

Do you have a room, closet, or cabinet in your house that makes you cringe when you think about it? Is there a nagging feeling at you when you walk into your house that something's 'off?' Come your day off from work, do you feel like you need to spend time organizing your house instead of snuggling up and reading a great book?

A 'Yes' answer to any of those questions is a sign that your living environment might be sucking energy out of you! Your home is not Feeding Your Life!

This week, I hope to give links to ideas on how to:
1. De-clutter: Getting rid of unnecessary items from your home
2. Organize: Finding a "home" for all of the items you need or value
3. Simplify: Streamlining the process of ordering your home

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