De-Clutter: An Easy Way to Start Getting Rid of Stuff

According to Google, "De-Clutter" means to "remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)."

In America, we collect stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. And we keep it because we just never know when we might need it! Even those little scraps of papers with unrecognizable notes sit on our desks for months, just in case we remember what the heck we wrote!!!

Sometimes, we have so much stuff around us it's hard to even know where to begin getting rid of that stuff! The Huffington Post wrote a list suggesting great little ways to get started purging and de-cluttering.

If your home is starting to close in on you, AND you're overwhelmed with where to start to take control of the clutter, try following these crazy-easy suggestions to get you started! 

(And, just in case you're wondering, I am writing this series after I spent the last two weeks purging my house from top to bottom!!!)

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