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Yesterday, I stumbled upon NPR's announcement of their new blog about education: NPR Ed. Since they just announced their plans, there's not much content for me to agree or disagree with yet, but I'll try anyway!

(First day of school 2013/2014 school year)

Here's is what I liked about what they said:
1. Education isn't something static: what was successful 50 years is not going to be successful now because our lives are so drastically different then they were 50 years ago.

2. Our schools are still focused on standardized testing which de-emphasizes the research that shows that "qualities like creativity, communication, collaboration and persistence matter most."

Here's what concerns me slightly:
1. They are very ambitious about what they are going to talk about and about how they are going to talk about it. As with all areas of importance in life, education is a very complex, multi-faceted issue that is incredibly challenging to make sweeping statements about in the news. I hope that they can carefully walk the line of presenting the news without saying one way of education works for all people everywhere.

I am very optimistic about this new source of education reporting. If it's anything like The Salt, I think it'll be a great resource to encourage thought about educating young and old minds.

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Sophie said...

Sounds promising - can't wait to hear more about it.