Tuesday's Take Time to Care: Thanking your former teacher

Tuesday's Take Time to Care - I hope to use Tuesdays as a day to remind myself how to look outside myself and care about others through volunteering, helping a friend, smiling at a stranger, or encouraging a family member.

(High School Emblem)

I have been a teacher, on and off, for many years now: I taught children how to read during college; I taught training classes during my professional career; I taught at a university; I teach at home. 

I don't remember how or why, but one day I was struck with the idea that I needed to thank a former English teacher of mine for teaching me how to write. When I decided to write her, I became giddy at the thought that I might brighten her day! I stayed up late that night to draft an email that would express how formative she was in my life. 

Have you thought of thanking a teacher that shaped your life? If not, maybe today is the day! I guarantee that your note of appreciation will brighten his/her day!

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