Tuesday's Take Time to Care: Follow-Up

On Tuesdays, I try to post ideas about how I will be more aware of other people's needs. On Wednesday's, I will try to follow-up and share how I executed my idea!

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Yesterday, I shared that I had written my former English teacher to tell her how she influenced my life. To prove to you that I actually do the things I talk about, I thought you might enjoy reading the letter I wrote my teacher. 

(Disclaimer: This letter thanks her for helping me learn to write in an academic/research style of writing. I apologize for all the typos that you have to suffer reading on this blog....I'll try to get better at catching the typos!)
Ms. [Former Teacher], 

I am a former student of yours from the class of ****. Today, I was thinking of former teachers who made a difference in my life. While I didn't know it at the time I was in your class, you were an important teacher in my life! You brought me to tears many times, caused me angst, and made me work hard. And, for all these things, I'd like to thank you!

From your class, I went to college knowing how to write a research paper. While my college classmates struggled with formulating ideas, making arguments, and finding supporting literature, I breezed through assignments and received accolades. The only reason I was able to write with ease was because you demanded that I know how to write a research paper and write it well! 

When I was ready to give up and say that I couldn't write any better, you assured me that I could, and would, write it again and write it better. 

Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for demanding more from me than I thought I had to give. Thank you for preparing me for college, graduate school, teaching, working, and parenting. The skills I learned in your classroom, due to your high standards (and through my tears), have been important in getting me to where I am in life today. 

I hope that you are still enjoying teaching!
Many thanks,

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Sophie said...

Thanks for sharing the actual letter. I was just remembering my 6-grade English teacher last week and how much I learned from her. Since you homeschool, do you worry about your daughter missing out on those student/teacher relationships?