NPR: The Salt

Many people are often overwhelmed by learning about food in America. If you get overwhelmed, you might want to add NPR's The Salt to your daily reading habit. They do a good job at mixing in fun food articles with articles that make an argument about our current food system.

(Photo by: Iain Watson)

For example:
2. They have a "You're kidding me" article about Beaver's bottoms and food flavoring
4. They have a cooking article about how to cook eggs

I enjoy this type of food news because it's very approachable, from a reputable source, and covers a wide variety of topics. 

Did you find an article that you particularly enjoyed on The Salt?

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DandW said...

The article on eggs was interesting and the recipes sound great. Also, curious to see how WalMart and Wild Oats come along with their organic food line at lower costs.