Tuesday's Take Time to Care: Volunteer

Tuesday's Take Time to Care - I hope to use Tuesdays as a day to remind myself how to look outside myself and care about others through volunteering, helping a friend, smiling at a stranger, or encouraging a family member.

The best way that I've found to look outside myself is to volunteer. Now, I know. Most people's gut reaction is: "I don't have TIME to volunteer." But, maybe you do have time if you move some things around. Or if you do it with friends/family. Or if you make it part of your homeschooling day. Or if you encourage your office to volunteer as a group.

(My daughter receiving a certificate of appreciation for volunteering as a part of our homeschooling.)

Why should you volunteer?

1. Because it creates a sense of community that wards off depression and loneliness.

2. Because it could lower your blood-pressure which is a sign of better long-term health.

3. Because in youth volunteers it reduces the chances of alcohol use, teen pregnancy, and more

4. Because we're called to do us Biblically.

5. Because it just feels good!

Is there a place you would like to volunteer but haven't lifted up the phone to offer to help yet? Stop what you're doing right now. Pick up your phone. Ask how they need help!

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