Homeschool Conference Thoughts (and Review of Org. of VA Homeschoolers Conference)

There are many, many more people homeschooling than ever (at least since schooling became prevalent in society), and there are many conferences available to attend about homeschooling. When we first started homeschooling, we were told about a fabulous conference hosted by the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers. 

I wasn't sure that I wanted to take the time to attend....I'm SO glad that I did go! Homeschool conferences, when done right, have the power to encourage and support you on YOUR homeschooling journey, especially after a long, cold winter!

If you're considering a homeschool conference, I have a few suggestions that might help make your decision about going a little bit easier:

(Homeschool Field Trip to a Science Center)

1. Is the conference designed to be a money-maker for the host organization? If it's designed to be strictly a money-maker, then the speakers might focus on selling products instead of inspiring you.

2. Does the conference allow speakers to sell their products during their sessions? If speakers are trying to sell a product, then their presentation will be quite biased.

3. Does the conference promote one specific style of homeschooling? If so, make sure that you are that style of homeschooling before you go to it! Otherwise, you'll find yourself feeling frustrated (and worse, under-achieving). 

4. Does the conference have other activities, vendors, or events that interest you other than the speakers? If you can attend the conference to listen to the speakers, buy curriculum you've been eyeing, peruse a used-resource sale, and enjoy watching a talent show, then spending the time going to the conference will probably be time well-spent!

So, if you're not sure whether or not to go to a homeschool conference, check out how it fits with your homeschooling ideas. And, if you're just getting started homeschooling, check out if it has sessions to help newbies! 

If you're considering going to the Organization of Virginia's Homeschoolers conference, GO! The speakers are there because they feel they have valuable knowledge/experiences to share. The vendors are there because they've been personally invited by the organization due to the fact that they represent a wide range of homeschool styles and adventures. The talent show is amazing because a room full of onlookers support all ages and abilities of talent on-stage. And, if you're considering homeschooling, this is a fabulous conference for you because there are multiple sessions about what homeschooling is, how to get started, and (more importantly) how to continue homeschooling.

I assure you that the conference will motivate you to fine-tune your homeschooling process to make it even more successful that it already is....and if not, it will at least give you the inspiration to make it to summertime!

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