Homeschool Update

It's official! We have received notice that we have completed our second year of homeschooling, and our daughter has finished 1st grade!

This year was a very full year:
1. Trip to NY to visit family and attend her first show on Broadway.
2. Fell while jumping up to the monkey bars and broke her wrist. Ended up learning a lot about anatomy after 3 months of recovery!
3. First ever camping trip in a tent!
4. First time selling stuff door-to-door to raise money for Brownies.
5. Field trips to places ranging from colonial farms to historic houses to corn maizes to chocolate factories to vet hospitals to pet stores to museums to rock climbing to special exhibits in DC.
6. Singing carols to earn donations for a food pantry.
7. Collecting coats for homeless people.
8. Doing Life of Fred math work
9. Participating in classes: Lego Pre-engineering, art, and Zumbatomic
10. Advancing her reading skills
11. Studying the Revolutionary War using Liberty Kids
12. Studying science using The Magic School Bus
13. Volunteering 15 hours at The Closet
14. Doing a community clean-up day
15. Playing with friends!
16. Raising butterflies
17. Building wood projects at Home Depot with her Dad on Saturdays
18. Packing meals for school children for The BackPack Program
19. Singing in church and beginning to acolyte at church
20. Playing soccer on a team with practices twice a week and a game once a week
21. Earning Brownie badges and patches
22. Traveling to CA for a funeral
23. Supporting mom while she dealt with allergic reactions and last-minute trips to CA to be with family

Interestingly enough, the most important things we did this year had very little to do with traditional school. In fact, it almost didn't reveal any elements of traditional school. However, she is at or above all the markers for first grade! By just living life, we were able to keep up with the other kids, and we were blessed to do some other really fun stuff that helped develop her character and world view.

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DandW said...

It's been exciting to watch the process and progress. There's no doubt you guys have taken the right road for her education. Be proud -- all of you.
Lots of love.