GE Profile Convection Microwave Review

Some people buy just any old microwave. Ya' know, the one that's pretty, matches their kitchen, and fits into their budget.

And then, there's me! I researched microwaves for a few weeks. I called several stores and talked to sales people. I visited stores and talked to sales people. I called GE customer service to inquire about the microwave. I read reviews online over and over again.

Finally, we decided we were going to buy the GE Profile Convection Microwave! We are so happy we bought it! It bakes; it toasts; it roasts; it heats; it defrosts; it saves counter-space; it vents exhaust; it tells me messages when I've tried to do a function on the unit that it doesn't like; it's great! The fan for the convection oven is no louder than the microwave noise. Also, the fan doesn't run after you've turned off the oven function. A standard sized cookie sheet fits inside, as does all my Pyrex cookware.

I have an extra oven and microwave all-in-one! What a great appliance!

So far, I highly recommend this convection microwave oven!


DandW said...

Dad's very happy with your purchase :-)

roni james said...

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