Homeschool and Self-Expression

One of the first clues that our daughter was struggling in school last year was on "wear your pajamas to school" day. As we were about to head out the door in her favorite pajamas, she burst into tears worried that her classmates would laugh at her. She changed into something else, and no one laughed at her pajamas.

She has become much more free with her dressing choices since homeschooling:

1. Her choice of outfits to attend a fall festival at a friend's church in MD. Robert just looked at me when she came down the stairs...I had no idea where to start so I cheerfully suggested we get into the car. 

2. This is what she chose to wear to go on errands with her dad one Saturday.  She assured us that her knee-high socks were meant to keep her legs warms so she didn't need pants. Thanks for those, Granny.

3. If you thought that Halloween was only one day, you were wrong! Our daughter couldn't wear her costume until Halloween afternoon because she didn't get her cast off until Halloween morning. She loved her kitty cat costume so much that she wore it Nov 1st and 2nd, too. I asked her to get dressed the morning of the 1st, and she proudly came down the stairs in her costume. I was certain she'd change her mind about wearing her costume on our errands so I didn't suggest she change. Then, as I was getting on my shoes, she got on her shoes. Hmmmm....she's really going out in her costumer? Yep. For two whole days she went around town in the costume. 

So. It appears that she's become more confident in her self-expression now that we're homeschooling! Maybe it's a natural age progression, maybe not. Don't know. I just know that the outfits are keeping us laughing!

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DandW said...

You're VERY welcome :). I love her self expression! Deja vu for us!