To Buy Organic or Not to Buy Organic

Recently, a study hit the news cycle about whether or not organic foods are more nutritious than non-organic foods. In short, the study found that there is not a difference in nutritional value. The study had limitations, as do all studies, so everyone still needs to consider more than just one factor as to whether or not they want to buy organic foods.

People who don't buy organic foods often tell us we do not need to buy organic because our choice in organic foods is not any healthier. But people who do buy organic foods usually commend our stand to only buy organic. Why is there such a difference in the two responses?

I think it is simple: the friends I have who buy organic foods do it for more than just the food value of the food.

For example, these are a few reasons why I buy organic:
- the treatment of animals is more humane, especially if you're buying from a local farmer
- eggs from a local organic farmer just taste better
- there is less run-off of chemicals into waterways so our rivers stay cleaner
- I don't like GMO or GE foods because I don't like the environmental, political, or health aspects of them
- the land used for organic crops tends to be 'richer' and better maintained
- I'm consuming fewer pesticides

The New York Times did a question and answer piece about the benefits of organic that you might enjoy reading.

Why do you buy or not buy organic?

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