Is this what Aunt S intended?

Our daughter has an Aunt that lives in Paris, France: Aunt S. Occasionally, Aunt S. sends our daughter some French clothes that are beautiful. I'm not sure that this ensemble is what Aunt S had in mind when she sent the beautiful skirt in this picture!

Let's walk through this outfit together:
- Beautiful French skirt
- Green, Yellow, and Blue striped shirt
- polka dot flip flops
- Factory 5 Car Racing hat

When my husband gently suggested that the striped shirt didn't match the skirt, my daughter's reply was "Dad. Anything matches this skirt!" I'm curious to see if Aunt S allows her girl(s???) to dress this way in the near future. I'm guessing not!!

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DandW said...

Love it! Great picture!
So when will you start making her jams outfits? :)